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So we all know the Blue Peter badges on Ace's jacket were Sophie's own...



and I’m sure it’s been covered in an audio or prose I missed somewhere, but does anyone have a good headcanon on what Ace got her badges for?

"So we’ve told you about our problem, and Dorothy McShane from Perivale has written in to say ‘Have you tried…

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Jo Brand: As a woman, I’m sure other women will back me up on this, at least once if not many more times in your life you have to suffer abuse shouted at you on the street. And it’s really difficult because nine times out of ten you can’t fight back. And in fact, the only time I ever did was, I was in central London and the obligatory white van came past, you know, and some bloke shouted out, oh, I don’t know, “show us your tits you ugly…” whatever it was. And luckily for me, A, I had PMT and B, they were stuck in a traffic jam. So I went up to their van and pulled the windscreen wipers off. And actually I was very pleased about having PMT because I would have been too scared otherwise. But the most rewarding thing was the look on their faces. They could not believe that I’d done it, you know, it was great.
Jo Brand: Hay Sessions 2011

Jo Brand is awesome. And we’re on the same bill at a charity event next month, so I am contact-awesome.

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a neutron walked into a bar…


Jewels I found while studying pre Middle Age art history:


Confused citizen


Confused angels


Confused “Why do I have two hands?”


Confused goat


Confused Beatles

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if some creep asks you to send him nudes just keep responding with this until he leaves you alone:


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#I don’t watch game of thrones for the plot and character development #or the sex and violence #I watch it for the title sequence

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Some old Farscape page sample by Enrique Lopez Lorenzana.